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16 Sep

The aim of the Preacher’s Forum is to explore dialogue related to the future of preaching in an increasingly postmodern context. There are specifically two “streams” of thought related to preaching today: the first involves addressing the changes that preaching needs to make within existing, traditional church settings. Can we continue simply to do, as the old saying has it, “the same old things in the same old way yet expecting different results”?

Second involves addressing the needs of “out-of-the-box” church planting models and the relationship these churches have with preaching. The Preacher’s Forum explores questions such as: do such churches even need a sermon? If they did, what would it look like? What might preaching look like going forward, as it may not necessarily conform to older established models of communication? And as a corollary, what would church leadership look like in the future and what are its connections to preaching and the Scriptures? How can preaching in existing traditional church contexts enable and equip people to be involved in missional ministries?

You’ll also find a variety of resources for studying topics such as the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, rhetoric and rhetorical criticism, and scholarly articles on the use of biblical studies and rhetorical criticism for preaching.

If this sounds like it interests you, then look at the drop-down menus that will take you to the variety of articles I post up. There are a wide variety of scholarly resources that are provided on this site that seek to address the issues raised above.

And finally, if  you would like please add a comment to any post and I will reply!

Finally, I am in the midst of launching an exciting venture with a colleague in South Africa called Theodemy. It is a wonderful ministerial training resource site and I have done 2 courses on preaching so far, with many more to follow.

If anyone is interested in purchasing either of my preaching courses, here is the information on how to do this:

1) Go to www.theodemy.com

2) Sign Up (top right hand corner)- create a username (your name and surname) and password and register as a student.

3) View courses and select Building Blocks of Preaching, or Preaching that Connects.

4) Click buy now etc. and you are all set to take the course!

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