Exploring the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel

26 Jan

If you’ve ever tried to study the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, then you know that this is a very difficult-to-understand, and much-misunderstood prophetic book.

In order to help you begin to unpack what’s actually going on in the book of Ezekiel, this paper involves a narratological analysis of the book of Ezekiel. In other words, what I do is to break down the various narratorial strategies (how the book is actually presented to the reader). This is done by assessing how Ezekiel, the first-person character-narrator of the book, presents the discourse to the reader. ]

Furthermore the study assesses anachronies (time shifts, whether forward or backward) within the book, as well as establishing the voice hierarchies of the various characters within the book. It is very important to clarify which character within the narrative is actually speaking at any one given time.

Since this is such a large file, I’ve made this available to read in a separate window, which also allows you to download the paper as a valuable resource for academic work.

Click the link below to view the file as a PDF.

Exploring Narratological Strategies of Ezekiel

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