Ezekiel 15: A Rhetorical-Critical Biblical Study

26 Jan

For anyone attempting to study the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, this is a very difficult endeavor indeed. In this study, I’ve made use of the disciplines of narratology and rhetorical criticism of a fairly short chapter in the book of Ezekiel (only 8 verses long).

This paper provides a working method of rhetorical criticism to a narrative/prophetic text, that of Ezekiel 15.

Ideally, this paper should be read prior to reading the narrative sermon of the same text.

Since this paper is a fairly long and in-depth study, I’ve made it available for you to read in a new window, simply by clicking the link  below. This also allows you to download the paper as a valuable study or academic resource.

Click the link below to view the file as a PDF.

The Worthless Vinestock Ezekiel 15 Paper

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