Ezekiel Chapter 15: A Narrative Sermon and Critical Evaluation

26 Jan

This paper is an example of how to construct a narrative sermon based on a prophetic text, that of Ezekiel 15. It begins by exploring the hoped-for outcomes of the sermon, then proceeds to give the narrative sermon as a case study, and finally concludes with a critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of this approach.

What makes the sermon interesting is that we the reader will hear from 3 “voices” in a narrative interpretation–from the prophet Ezekiel, from an exilic spokesperson, and finally from Yahweh himself. Each weighs in with their unique point of view on the passage of Ezekiel chapter 15.

I suggest that prior to reading this paper, you first read the rhetorical-critical study of Ezekiel 15 that gives the exegetical background to this narrative sermon.

You can access that paper by clicking on this link.

Since this is a large file, I’ve made it available for you to open in a new window by clicking the link below. This also allows you to download the paper and use it as a study resource.

Click the link below to view the paper as a PDF.

Ezekiel 15 Narrative Sermon and Critical Analysis

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