Show 12: How to Listen to a Sermon

16 Mar

Heard a few sermons in your lifetime? Some good, others not so good? In this podcast I’ll help you to become…a better listener of sermons. There are literally thousands of books out there that seek to help preachers become better, more effective communicators, but almost nothing from the point of view of the listener. Why should that question even matter?

Exploring the preacher-listener dynamic is of critical importance; each side represents, quite literally, half of the equation.

So how can you become a better listener of sermons?

Making use of the discipline of rhetorical criticism, I’ll give you the tools by which to evaluate sermons critically. And by the way, this isn’t about helping you criticize your preachers! It’s about helping you, the hearer, to switch on and use your critical faculties whenever you listen to somebody preaching–regardless of the style of sermon being preached, or the numbers in the audience.

Understanding the process your preacher goes through, and exploring exactly what it is that he or she is trying to accomplish by means of that sermon, will ultimately help to educate and help you to become a critically-involved, empowered listener.

Preachers, is there anything on this podcast that will benefit you? I believe that by listening to this episode, it will help you to evaluate your own process, and your own rhetorical strategies that you might be making use of in your preaching. If you haven’t thought that way before, then you will definitely find some valuable insights in this show.


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Show 12: How to Listen to a Sermon

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