Show 13: Rock n’ Roll Soul: Reflections on Christianity, Ministry, and Theology (Part 8)

17 Mar

Part 8 of my “Rock n’ Roll Soul” podcast series is my story of when I hit rock bottom in church ministry. In my discouragement and frustration, I begin to see a way out, but would I be able to pull it off?

As I describe in this show, the purpose of the entire series is (ideally) for those who may be currently involved in church ministry somewhere; those who are perhaps training for ministry as a student; or finally, those who have left the ministry due to burnout, exhaustion, or whatever.

Maybe, if none of those descriptions fits you, you’re just someone who is curious how things work at a church, or why people might be crazy–or foolhardy enough–to want to get involved in church leadership in the first place.

As a piece of theological reflection, it’s helpful for us to look back on the past and to process our experiences in meaningful, and (hopefully) systematic, and ideally objective ways. This entire series, then, is aimed to help those people described above either to avoid making some of the same mistakes that I did, or putting yourself into similar situations.

If you’re an ex-pastor who’s left the ministry, and doesn’t want to have anything to do with the church or Christians again, I definitely feel your pain. Perhaps in listening to my story, it will help you process through your own emotional state, and your own experiences.

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Show 13: Rock n’ Roll Soul: Reflections on Christianity, Ministry, and Theology (Part 8)

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