Show 17: Lisa’s Story: Post-Abortion Recovery, Healing, and Restoration

7 Apr

This podcast is something very, very special. My wife, Lisa Heacock, shares her story of when she had an abortion at age 17. Attending a Christian high school at the time only made things worse…find out what happened, and also how she was able to discover wholeness, healing, forgiveness, restoration and recovery on her journey. This is an open, honest, and inspirational story that will affect you on many levels.

To be clear: this episode is not about arguing the politics or ethics of abortion.

Without denying the events of the past, we want to celebrate recovery and healing. This is a hugely important issue that needs to be discussed openly and honestly, and this is exactly what you’ll hear in this podcast.

Abortion (and miscarriages too) affect not just the woman involved, but the father of the baby just as much. This story is for everybody. It’s heartbreaking, yet heartwarming at the same time.


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