Show 20: British Accents (Keith Rycroft) “Non-Theistic Quaker” Part 1

28 Apr

What in the world is a “non-theistic Quaker”? What happens when you begin “to run out of road” on the path you’re on in life? I’ll let my friend, Keith Rycroft, begin to explain in this first half of my conversation with him.

In this episode, we explore some of the history of the Quaker movement, which began in England in the 17th century amidst a time of religious, political and economic upheaval following the English Civil War. Keith then begins to talk about his own faith journey, and how he began to explore alternatives to his fundamentalist upbringing.


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Show 20: British Accents (Keith Rycroft) “A Non-Theistic Quaker” Part 1

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