Show 21: British Accents (Keith Rycroft) “A Non-Theistic Quaker” Part 2

5 May

What happens when you begin to “run out of road” on the spiritual path you’re on? When the faith you were brought up to believe in no longer works for you? Listen in to find out what happened to Keith Rycroft, who transitioned from a fundamentalist upbringing and now is a Quaker….who doesn’t believe in God?!





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Show 21: British Accents (Keith Rycroft) “A Non-Theistic Quaker” (Part 2)

2 Replies to “Show 21: British Accents (Keith Rycroft) “A Non-Theistic Quaker” Part 2

  1. Just a language note: Keith said (I think in this episode, maybe previous) that you find pastors and programming among conservative Quakers in the US. Being British, he’s probably not familiar with the namings of the branches we have over here, so he’s going “liberal are quiet and open to lots of ideas, and so conservative are the opposite,” but we’ve really got more than just 2 branches, and one of them is actually *named* “Conservative.”

    On top of that, just like in Judaism, conservative is in the *middle*. Conservative Friends are unprogrammed (quiet) just like Liberal Friends, but they’re distinctly Christian and tend to stick closer to tradition. In Britain, they’d be called Primitive Friends, and there are a small handful that broke off of Britain Yearly Meeting around 1994.

    What Keith’s talking about are two branches: evangelical and…um, well the other doesn’t have a good name, so “pastoral” (literally, they have a pastor) or FUM (because they associate with Friends United Meeting).

    My podcast episode this week was on the Quaker branches if you’d like to take a look

  2. Thanks for the insightful clarification. It is certainly true that the Quaker movement is not a monolith! I’ll have a listen to your podcast!

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