Show 24: British Accents (Ryan Warren) “Seeing Beyond the Veil of Humanity” (Part 1)

26 May

How do you understand your own identity? Is it from your accomplishments in life, and the the skills and abilities you have? And where do you gain a sense of value? Is that found in what you do–or who you are? Do you judge people on their appearance and belief systems? Or can you learn to “see beyond the veil of humanity?”

In this and the next episode of my podcast series “British Accents,” I’m bringing you the first half of a great conversation I had recently with a good friend: Ryan Warren. The founder of the DadsApp resource for dads who want to be better fathers to their children, Ryan is a person who is above all else a servant who not only cares deeply for people, he seeks to serve them in a wide variety of ways.

These are some of the topics we get into in this first half. Be sure and tune in next Friday for Part 2, where we discuss things like Ryan’s experiences of church, God, and spirituality.

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Show 24: British Accents (Ryan Warren): “Seeing Beyond the Veil of Humanity” (Part 1)

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