Show 30: British Accents (Bishop Mike Royal) “Jesus Was Politically Black” (Part 1)

7 Jul

Much of current theology and biblical studies, despite the multi-global and multi-ethnic makeup of our society and churches today, still tends to be predominantly white, Euro-centric, male and Protestant.

In this landmark show–number 30 on The Preacher’s Forum podcast–I’m excited to bring you the first half of my conversation with Bishop Mike Royal, recorded recently in Birmingham, UK.

Bishop Royal represents a black, British, African theological and biblical point of view, which is sorely needed today.

What Bishop Royal brings to the table, then, is a new and fresh perspective on the Bible, the relevance of the church today, Jesus and his subversive message, black theology, and social activism.

This is an interview you don’t want to miss!


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McClain, William B. “African American Preaching and the Bible: Biblical Authority or Biblical Literalism.” The Journal of Religious Thought Volume 49 Number 2 (Winter-Spring 1992): 72-80.

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Show 30: British Accents (Bishop Mike Royal) “Jesus Was Politically Black” (Part 1)

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