Show 33: MindShift: Exploring Theoclasms and Challenging Our Views of God (with Gary Hayes)

28 Jul

Why did one fish turn to the other at fish church on a Sunday and say: “I’m sure glad the ocean turned up today.” What does that have to do with our views of God?

Explore the subject of theoclasm with us: It has to do with challenging, deconstructing, and possibly even tearing down our received, inherited views of God. How do you see God? As an angry father? Or is he disappointed with your lack of effort and behavior?

Possibly you don’t believe in God…or perhaps your views are in the process of changing and evolving. In this conversation with Gary Hayes, we delve into the subject of God, and challenge some of the more traditional and received views of the Almighty.

Don’t miss this conversation–you’ll be glad you investigated this subject with us!

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