Show 37: MindShift: Bad Theology, Mental Health, and the Church: A Toxic Mix? (with Steve Austin)

25 Aug

“You can’t be a Christian…and crazy!” says Steve Austin of the CXMH podcast and the iamsteveaustin website. He’s my guest on this latest episode of the MindShift podcast series.

There is unfortunately a major stigma attached to mental health issues within the church. Throw in some questionable–or downright bad theology–like “the magic Jesus pill” (say a prayer and you’re all better), and you’ve got a toxic mix that is destined for causing a lot of damage.

Moreover, many churches simply aren’t equipped to deal with people’s mental health problems and addictions.

Steve and I have a great discussion about these issues and more. Don’t miss this episode, where he shares about his near-successful suicide attempt, his recovery and efforts to help others on the road to health, healing and wholeness.

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