Show 38: MindShift: Leaving the Church…to Find God (with Gary Hayes) Part 1

1 Sep

Why would anyone even contemplate the idea of leaving the church in order to find God? Surely the church is where one goes to…find God, right? 

But the truth is that for many, God can easily get lost in the midst of all of the rituals and traditions, formulaic worship, toxic or just bad theology, and rote practices. Besides, isn’t God everywhere? He doesn’t actually dwell in a building made by human hands.

So for some, it may well be that in the journey to “find God,” that they may well have to leave the church in order to do just that. Perhaps new experiences, new forms of thinking and freedom, are to be found outside the walls of a local church.

If that sounds intriguing to you, then join Gary and I for the first half of this thought-provoking conversation. You may well start your journey to find God…as you leave the church behind.

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