Show 39: MindShift: Leaving the Church…to Find God (with Gary Hayes) Part 2

4 Sep

Reflect on the irony of the statement, “Leaving the church…to find God.” And what is the church, after all, but a collection of individuals striving to do just that–find God? To find themselves, to discover their own humanity?

It’s hard to separate out, however, the oftentimes sordid history of the church in the past, and also what it has become today. In the midst of the formulaic religion, the rote performances, and the whole affair of “going through the motions,” God can get lost in the mix.

Therefore you may find yourself contemplating the radical–and ironic–notion of “leaving the church…to find God.” He’s not in the black-and-white, bullet-point doctrinal statements or theological tomes; he’s not even to be found in the pages of Scripture. He’s a real, living person, with whom we can actually have a relationship. But sadly, so many people have to leave the church…to find him.

Join Gary and I for the second half of this thought-provoking and challenging episode!


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