41: Preaching with a Bias (with Gary Hayes) Part 1

22 Sep

What effect does listening to years of sermons have on a person’s psyche, behavior, and mental health? In this episode of the newly-named “MindShift” podcast (formerly “The Preacher’s Forum podcast”), Gary Hayes and I tackle the subject of preaching, and its effects on people.

If you’re a preacher, then you will benefit from this episode! Question your biases, presuppositions and hermeneutical commitments.

If you are a listener of sermons in churches, then you will also benefit from this episode! Deconstruct your beliefs in God, the Bible, and what you hear regularly from the pulpit.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of toxic theology, bad teaching, sloppy exegesis, and slanted preaching out there.

All of this has an effect on the way people think, live, and treat others. Join myself and Gary Hayes for the first half of this episode as we deconstruct preaching and its all-too-often negative effects on the listeners.

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