42: Preaching with a Bias (with Gary Hayes) Part 2

29 Sep

What kind of an impact can a single sermon have on the lives of people? Not much, or a great deal?

Historically, in 1095 AD Pope Urban II preached a sermon in Clermont, France, that launched the bloodshed of the Crusades to the Holy Land. Not only were hideous atrocities committed, the legacy of that sermon resonates down through the centuries. Even today, Christians, Jews and Muslims alike are still living in the shadow of the actions caused by–one sermon.

In the second half of “Preaching with a Bias,” Gary and I examine in more detail the sociological impact of sermons on the lives of ordinary churchgoers, and how the use–or abuse–of Scripture can lead to a lot of toxic theology that does incredible damage in the lives of people.

We’ll also take a look at the legacy of fundamentalist preaching and interpretation of the Bible, and how certain theological and interpretative commitments work themselves out in the real world.


MacArthur, John. “The Mandate of Biblical Inerrancy: Expository Preaching.” The Master’s Seminary Journal (Volume 1, Number 1): 1990.

Preaching with a Bias: Exploring the Legacy of Fundamentalist Preaching.” by Dr Clint Heacock

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