43: The Bad Jesus & New Atheism (with Dr Hector Avalos) Part 1

6 Oct

Are you prepared to deconstruct your faith, beliefs and presuppositions? 

If so, then you won’t want to miss this episode, as I talk with Dr Hector Avalos, professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State University. Dr Avalos is a “New Atheist”–one who isn’t trying to disprove the existence of God, but rather seeks to warn people about the dangers inherent within religion–and religionism.

In this first episode, Dr Avalos discusses what it means to be a New Atheist, biblical literacy and society at large, and ethics based upon any ancient text. These and other topics that we discuss will challenge some of the things you think you believe and know about God and the Bible.

This is the aim of MindShift–critical thinking about God, the church, and spirituality.


“Exploring ‘The Bad Jesus’ and New Atheism” (Part 1) by Dr Clint Heacock

Second Wave Manifesto of the New Atheism 

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