44: The Bad Jesus & New Atheism (with Dr Hector Avalos) Part 2

13 Oct

Did Jesus ever say or do anything wrong?

This is the major question explored by Dr Hector Avalos in his book, The Bad Jesus: The Ethics of New Testament Ethics, and this forms the basis of the discussion in Part 2 of this episode.

Perhaps the real question is this: can such a question even be raised without offending large swathes of Christians worldwide?

If Jesus was supra-human (both human and divine), as most Christians hold, then he made no mistakes and lived a sinless life–and should be viewed not only as the paragon of virtue, but also as a substantive base for ethical behavior.

If, however, he was human, then surely he must have had flaws–as do we all. Maybe, just maybe, he made mistakes, or wasn’t perfect in every way.

Can you question this? Don’t miss this episode, as Dr Avalos and I explore these questions and more.

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