47: Measuring the Metrics for Success (with Shawn Manley) Part 1

3 Nov

How do you measure success?

Depending upon the yardstick you use, the answer to that question can vary wildly. Pastors of churches, for example, can measure “success” by the number of members attending their church; how many are on church staff; or by the church’s annual budget.

Others measure success by how much money they earn, or where they’re at on the corporate ladder–which rung are you on?

“Success,” however, is actually much more difficult to quantify than just by numbers alone. Measuring the metrics for success depends on which qualifiers you use to measure it.

In the first half of our conversation, Shawn and I discuss his experiences of being a church planter in Southern California, how that experience ended, and talk about our shared stories of church leadership. What constitutes “success,” and how do you define it?

Find out in this episode!


“Measuring the Metrics for Success” article by Dr Clint Heacock

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