48: Measuring the Metrics for Success (with Shawn Manley) Part 2

10 Nov

What standard do you use to measure success?

In our money- and achievement-driven Western world, where success is measured in very quantifiable ways by our current society, this becomes a very important issue.

You could, for example, be considered a huge success if you’re wealthy, have a large house, several (expensive) cars in the driveway, or have a high-powered job moving fast up the corporate ladder.

On the other hand, you could be considered a total failure—that is, if you’re being judged by certain current cultural standards.

Shawn Manley and I revisit this point in more detail in the second half of our conversation, and relate the metrics for success into the realm of the church also.

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“Measuring the Metrics for Success: Deconstructing Religion (Part 2)” article by Dr Clint Heacock

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