A Satirical Look at the Church

Sometimes poking fun at the church can be a way to help people reflect on the current situation. When people are laughing, oftentimes their defenses are down.

In this series of articles, which reflects a journey I began on way back in 2006 with an article I wrote for Relevant magazine, I bring you… a satirical look at the church.

As you read, I ask you to reflect on the issues that I raise in these articles. What do they say about expectations that people in churches have about their leaders? What do they say about the expectations that leaders of churches have, of their congregations? And finally, what happens when those expectations aren’t met–by either the leader, or the people?

Find out what happens…I hope you are challenged by the stories of Pastor Jesus and then his (unfortunate?) successor, Pastor John.

Read the First Post: Pastor Jesus: You’re Fired!