About Me

A drummer’s pilgrimage to John Bonham’s grave, Rushock, England

I am a transplanted American living in the United Kingdom now for the last 11 years, together with my wife and family.

My journey really began back in 1993, when I attended Multnomah Bible College in Portland. There I completed a BS in Biblical Education degree in 1997. After graduation, I then attended Western Seminary in Portland, where I completed an MA in Exegetical Theology. A few years later, I did another degree, a ThM in New Testament, finishing in 2003.

During the time I was a student, I was also serving as an elder and then finally as the head pastor of a church just south of the Portland, Oregon, area. In fact my podcast series, “Rock n’ Roll Soul,” is all about the time I spent as a church leader.

A person can’t take themselves too seriously after all!

After serving at the church for nearly a decade, we decided to get out of full-time ministry and pursue academics. We moved to the UK in 2005 so I could do a PhD, which I completed in 2011 at the University of Chester. My doctoral thesis was in the area of biblical studies: a rhetorical-critical study of the book of Ezekiel, while at the same time combining that with a postmodern approach to narrative preaching.

My experiences in full-time ministry–some positive, others not so good–have provided me with the passion for equipping men and women for missional ministry in a postmodern world.

My background in academics has given me the tools by which to do research and critically evaluate different points of, view in terms of strengths and weaknesses. I’m not here simply to “bash on the church,” although I do have a lot of critical things to say about what the church has become, particularly in North America.

I also served as a lecturer/facilitator for the last 6 years at Springdale (now ForMission) College, located in Birmingham, UK. I taught at both the regional centres of Liverpool and Leeds. I’ve lectured on a wide variety of subjects, including: biblical studies, theology, leadership, preaching, church planting and missional ministry.

All dressed up for a Halloween gig.

I also play drums in a band out of North Wales…heavy rock and roll.

I launched The Preacher’s Forum podcasts in 2017 to further the discussion related to the relevance of the church, and for that matter Christianity itself, in our postmodern world of today. I changed the name in late 2017 to “MindShift” as that more accurately reflected my own journey of deconstruction and discovery.

Finally, I initially I established this website as a means by which to provide resources for preachers and congregational leaders interested in exploring and furthering dialogue related to homiletics, biblical studies, church planting, missional ministry, and any other topics that might be of interest.

However, as my focus has changed significantly, I now tend to write posts on the Preacher’s Forum Blog related to deconstructing a wide variety of aspects of Christianity (which is what I do with my podcast also). I have come to see that much of what passes for evangelical Christianity can be, in fact, extremely toxic and damaging to people’s mental health and relationships. In this endeavor I make use of my academic and pastoral backgrounds, which gives me unique insights as to many of the current issues within current Christianity.