014: Black Women & Christianity in the United States (with Valerie Wade) Part 1

13 Apr

How did the transatlantic slave trade and the resulting cultural violence affect Africans? Add to this the introduction of “white Christianity” into the mix and what results helps to explain much of the current situation within many African-American churches today. … Read More »

011: Surfin’ With the Atheist (with Tim Malins)

23 Mar

What’s it like to attend a Christian school? And what happens if you’ve never had any experience of Christianity or the Bible? This week’s guest, Tim Malins, is an old friend from way back–he moved up from Southern California to … Read More »

010: Did Jesus Exist? Or…Was He A Myth (with David Fitzgerald) Part 2

16 Mar

If Jesus of Nazareth did not exist–as the Gospels surely indicate he did–then what are the implications for Christianity? Find out more in Part 2 of my conversation with mythicist and atheist David Fitzgerald, author of Nailed: 10 Christian Myths That … Read More »

009: Did Jesus Exist? Or…Was He A Myth (with David Fitzgerald) Part 1

9 Mar

Did Jesus of Nazareth actually exist? Believe it or not, this is not the first time this question has been posed by theologians and biblical scholars.  Dating to the 18th and 19th centuries, scholars responding to biblical higher criticism sought … Read More »

“Proof-Texting” from the Bible: The Unwavering Logic of Biblical Inerrancy

9 Feb

Introduction What’s the deal with Christians who resort to listing a series of proof-texts to prove their point in any disputation involving theology or biblical interpretations? This practice has really struck me lately. I’m a part of a couple of … Read More »