Ezekiel in 5 Days

I am very excited to bring to you my “Ezekiel in 5 Days” podcast series. In these 5 episodes, I cover a lot of ground to help you understand the difficult-to-comprehend book of Ezekiel. I spent several years researching and studying the book of Ezekiel for my doctoral thesis, and these 5 podcasts are a great opportunity finally to teach through the entire book.

If you’ve ever tried reading or studying Ezekiel, then you’ll know that many people start with the best of intentions, but ultimately give up in total frustration somewhere along the way. But in my podcast series, I begin by laying out both the theological and historical background contexts to the book in the first two episodes. This helps to explain why exactly the Israelites ended up in exile as they did in Babylon, and sets the stage for the development of the mission and purpose of the book itself, which I get into in the last 3 episodes.

As these are now on iTunes, all you have to do is click on this link and you can subscribe directly to the iTunes feed.

Alternatively, each episode will be posted weekly on this link, located on our Thodemy “Ezekiel in 5 Days” podcast posts.

New episodes will be coming out weekly, so please subscribe, rate and review!

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