Biblical Literacy and Preaching (Part 5)

10 May

Introduction The issues raised by the various contributors to the book Rethinking Biblical Literacy become important to this discussion at this point in the study. The overarching point made by the various authors is this: that many Christians today (for a … Read More »

Biblical Literacy and Preaching (Part 3)

9 Mar

Introduction As I’ve been saying in the two previous posts on this subject, there is a pervasive argument currently ongoing. Both those in positions of church leadership (as well as denominations), and professional academics alike, not only create, but also perpetuate … Read More »

Biblical Literacy and Preaching (Part 1)

6 Feb

Introduction In this series, I will examine the hot-button topic of what has been termed “biblical literacy,” how society’s understanding of biblical literacy is drastically changing, and what the implications of those cultural applications of Scripture mean to preachers currently. … Read More »