My Visit to Mars Hill Church 2012: Theological Reflection in Action

27 Mar

 Introduction I wrote the article below back in 2012, when I had just returned from a visit to friends and family in the Seattle area. Upon returning home to the UK, I reflected upon my experience, after attending one of … Read More »

Over-Thinking the Apostle Paul?

26 Jan

I have become convinced lately that for most Christians, we are guilty of over-thinking pretty much everything, from our theology to our approaches to evangelism. No wonder churches in the West are having such little impact on their communities, or … Read More »

The Value of Context for Theological Education

26 Jan

Theologian Stanley Grenz once wrote a statement that quite literally changed both my life, and my perspective, on theology (and my teaching of it too). Grenz noted that: “Despite its positive contributions, the concordance understanding of theology has one decisive … Read More »

Missional Church Planting Vision & Values

26 Jan

Introduction The inspiration for many church plants grows oftentimes out of a desire to incorporate biblical values relating to evangelism, mission and giftedness. The underlying value behind all of this is the notion that for every believer, being evangelistic and … Read More »

Creating and Implementing Mission, Vision and Values Statements

26 Jan

Oftentimes those involved in ministry and church leadership speak of the pressing need to developing and implement three critical aspects of ministry: mission and vision statements, and core values. There’s also seemingly a pressing need to develop goals and strategies … Read More »