MindShift Podcasts

I’m excited to announce that I’m changing the name of the podcast! No longer will it be called “The Preacher’s Forum podcast,” as the feedback I have received from many listeners indicated that the title was apparently too restrictive. Many thought it was a podcast aimed squarely at preachers, and so passed over listening to episodes.

Instead, I am naming the new show “MindShift.” As always, I’ll be exploring a wide range of topics–from becoming a person of positivity, challenging our received views of God and the Bible, and more!

New episodes are released each Friday so be sure to subscribe to the MindShift podcast feed, either on iTunes or PodBean.

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Also, if these episodes challenge your ways of thinking, inspire you, or anything else in between, please rate and review! I’d love to hear from you also–the contact information details are located in each and every show notes.