Show 30: British Accents (Bishop Mike Royal) “Jesus Was Politically Black” (Part 1)

7 Jul

Much of current theology and biblical studies, despite the multi-global and multi-ethnic makeup of our society and churches today, still tends to be predominantly white, Euro-centric, male and Protestant. In this landmark show–number 30 on The Preacher’s Forum podcast–I’m excited … Read More »

Show 29: British Accents (Mike Nimz) “Live Simply, That Others May Simply Live” (Part 2)

30 Jun

In the second half of my conversation with Mike Nimz of the Anabaptist Network UK, recorded recently in Birmingham, England. Mike shares his difficult experience as the pastor of a Mennonite church in Canada. If you’re a pastor or church … Read More »

Show 28: British Accents (Mike Nimz) “Live Simply, That Others May Simply Live” (Part 1)

23 Jun

What exactly is an Anabaptist, or a Mennonite? What’s the relationship between those two traditions? Do you have to become an Amish person in order to join such a church? Mike Nimz and his wife Cheryl are part of the … Read More »

Preaching in Britain Today: Believing or Belonging? (Part 2)

16 Jun

What’s the State of the Church in Britain Today? Looking back on the not-so-distant past, just a few decades ago churches in Britain seemed to be going from strength to strength. For example, from 1945 to 1956, overall church attendance … Read More »

Show 26: British Accents (Dr Ash Barker) “Incarnational Living in the Neighbourhood” (Part 1)

9 Jun

This episode is Part 1 of an amazing conversation I had in Birmingham, England, with Dr Ash Barker. He is an “immersed urban Christian activist”, originally born in Australia, now living in Birmingham. Prior to moving to the UK, he … Read More »

Show 25: British Accents (Ryan Warren) “Seeing Beyond the Veil of Humanity” (Part 2)

2 Jun

If you are a Christian, and attend church regularly (or even semi-regularly), why do you go? What is the purpose of church, anyway? Does church exist to serve the people that attend, or do the people serve the church–and maybe … Read More »

Show 24: British Accents (Ryan Warren) “Seeing Beyond the Veil of Humanity” (Part 1)

26 May

How do you understand your own identity? Is it from your accomplishments in life, and the the skills and abilities you have? And where do you gain a sense of value? Is that found in what you do–or who you … Read More »

Show 23: British Accents (Gary Hayes) Having a Theoclasm? (Part 2)

19 May

“If I go down a blind alley, it’s only because I went there looking for more of God. If I don’t find him, I’ll come back out and keep going!” Wise words from Mr Gary Hayes, describing what it means … Read More »