The God That Failed: A Theoclasm in the Making

4 Aug

Introduction Is it actually possible to construct good theology from a secular heavy metal band? Thomas Aquinas reportedly stated, “If someone says something true, you don’t ask ‘Who said it?’ but rather, ‘Is it true?’” In a YouTube interview with … Read More »

Show 33: MindShift: Exploring Theoclasms and Challenging Our Views of God (with Gary Hayes)

28 Jul

Why did one fish turn to the other at fish church on a Sunday and say: “I’m sure glad the ocean turned up today.” What does that have to do with our views of God? Explore the subject of theoclasm with … Read More »

Show 32: MindShift: Becoming a Person of Positivity (with Lisa Heacock)

21 Jul

What does it take to have a MindShift and move from being a negative, cynical person to a person of positivity? This involves far more than just “putting on a happy face” and pretending that everything is fine. It’s a … Read More »

Theoclasm: Challenging Our Received Understanding of God

18 Jul

by Gary Hayes “I pray God, rid me of God.” –Meister Eckhart Defining “Theoclasm” Theo– Relating to “God” or “gods” Clasm– to disrupt, to break down Therefore in this understanding, a theoclasm involves the notion of “disrupting, questioning and breaking down perceptions, … Read More »