Measuring the Metrics for Success (Part 2): Deconstructing Religion

7 Nov

Introduction In Part 2 of the podcast with Shawn Manley (“Measuring the Metrics for Success” coming out this Friday, we get into the issue of the standards people use by which to measure success—hence the title. In thinking about this … Read More »

Show 32: MindShift: Becoming a Person of Positivity (with Lisa Heacock)

21 Jul

What does it take to have a MindShift and move from being a negative, cynical person to a person of positivity? This involves far more than just “putting on a happy face” and pretending that everything is fine. It’s a … Read More »

Theoclasm: Challenging Our Received Understanding of God

18 Jul

by Gary Hayes “I pray God, rid me of God.” –Meister Eckhart Defining “Theoclasm” Theo– Relating to “God” or “gods” Clasm– to disrupt, to break down Therefore in this understanding, a theoclasm involves the notion of “disrupting, questioning and breaking down perceptions, … Read More »

All-Church Meeting: Decision Time!

2 Jun

Meeting Minutes I’d like to say a hearty “thank you,” to all of you, once again, for giving up a Thursday evening for this church family meeting. We understand that all of us are extremely busy with a lot of … Read More »

Show 25: British Accents (Ryan Warren) “Seeing Beyond the Veil of Humanity” (Part 2)

2 Jun

If you are a Christian, and attend church regularly (or even semi-regularly), why do you go? What is the purpose of church, anyway? Does church exist to serve the people that attend, or do the people serve the church–and maybe … Read More »

Show 24: British Accents (Ryan Warren) “Seeing Beyond the Veil of Humanity” (Part 1)

26 May

How do you understand your own identity? Is it from your accomplishments in life, and the the skills and abilities you have? And where do you gain a sense of value? Is that found in what you do–or who you … Read More »

Show 23: British Accents (Gary Hayes) Having a Theoclasm? (Part 2)

19 May

“If I go down a blind alley, it’s only because I went there looking for more of God. If I don’t find him, I’ll come back out and keep going!” Wise words from Mr Gary Hayes, describing what it means … Read More »