Show 40: MindShift: “The Wisdom of Your Heart” (with Marc Alan Schelske)

15 Sep

Overheard in church: “God doesn’t have emotions…and neither should you!” What constitutes a good Christian, anyway? Someone who is spiritually mature, is the common answer. But what if that person is emotionally immature? What then? This is precisely what I and Marc … Read More »

Exploring “The Wisdom of Your Heart: Discovering the God-Given Purpose and Power of Your Emotions” by Marc Alan Schelske

13 Sep

Introduction Is it possible for a Christian to claim to be spiritually mature, but at the same time be emotionally immature? Surely this dichotomous thinking must be problematic on many different levels. This is the major premise advanced by author … Read More »

Bad Theology and Mental Health in the Church: A Toxic Mix?

25 Aug

Introduction This may seem like a bizarre question to ask, but could it be true? Could a church actually be contributing to, or—worse yet—even causing—mental health issues among its members? Several years ago, when I was a pastor myself, I … Read More »

Show 37: MindShift: Bad Theology, Mental Health, and the Church: A Toxic Mix? (with Steve Austin)

25 Aug

“You can’t be a Christian…and crazy!” says Steve Austin of the CXMH podcast and the iamsteveaustin website. He’s my guest on this latest episode of the MindShift podcast series. There is unfortunately a major stigma attached to mental health issues … Read More »