Show 26: British Accents (Dr Ash Barker) “Incarnational Living in the Neighbourhood” (Part 1)

9 Jun

This episode is Part 1 of an amazing conversation I had in Birmingham, England, with Dr Ash Barker. He is an “immersed urban Christian activist”, originally born in Australia, now living in Birmingham. Prior to moving to the UK, he … Read More »

Show 5: Rock n’ Roll Soul: Reflections on Christianity, Ministry, and Theology (Part 3)

2 Feb

This latest installment of my podcast series (Part 3) picks up the story of my experiences in full-time ministry as a newly-installed elder of a church. Listen in to hear what happened next…reflections on the Christian life, the trials of … Read More »

Show 3: Rock n’ Roll Soul: Reflections on Christianity, Ministry and Theology (Part 1)

28 Jan

Who are you in the process of becoming? What do you believe about spirituality, life, God and the church? This new podcast series is my story of more than 12 years in full-time church ministry. It also gives me the … Read More »

Over-Thinking the Apostle Paul?

26 Jan

I have become convinced lately that for most Christians, we are guilty of over-thinking pretty much everything, from our theology to our approaches to evangelism. No wonder churches in the West are having such little impact on their communities, or … Read More »

Missional Church Planting Vision & Values

26 Jan

Introduction The inspiration for many church plants grows oftentimes out of a desire to incorporate biblical values relating to evangelism, mission and giftedness. The underlying value behind all of this is the notion that for every believer, being evangelistic and … Read More »

Creating and Implementing Mission, Vision and Values Statements

26 Jan

Oftentimes those involved in ministry and church leadership speak of the pressing need to developing and implement three critical aspects of ministry: mission and vision statements, and core values. There’s also seemingly a pressing need to develop goals and strategies … Read More »

Welcome to the Preacher’s Forum

16 Sep

The aim of the Preacher’s Forum is to explore dialogue related to the future of preaching in an increasingly postmodern context. There are specifically two “streams” of thought related to preaching today: the first involves addressing the changes that preaching … Read More »