Show 40: MindShift: “The Wisdom of Your Heart” (with Marc Alan Schelske)

15 Sep

Overheard in church: “God doesn’t have emotions…and neither should you!” What constitutes a good Christian, anyway? Someone who is spiritually mature, is the common answer. But what if that person is emotionally immature? What then? This is precisely what I and Marc … Read More »

Bad Theology and Mental Health in the Church: A Toxic Mix?

25 Aug

Introduction This may seem like a bizarre question to ask, but could it be true? Could a church actually be contributing to, or—worse yet—even causing—mental health issues among its members? Several years ago, when I was a pastor myself, I … Read More »

Show 37: MindShift: Bad Theology, Mental Health, and the Church: A Toxic Mix? (with Steve Austin)

25 Aug

“You can’t be a Christian…and crazy!” says Steve Austin of the CXMH podcast and the iamsteveaustin website. He’s my guest on this latest episode of the MindShift podcast series. There is unfortunately a major stigma attached to mental health issues … Read More »