Show 30: British Accents (Bishop Mike Royal) “Jesus Was Politically Black” (Part 1)

7 Jul

Much of current theology and biblical studies, despite the multi-global and multi-ethnic makeup of our society and churches today, still tends to be predominantly white, Euro-centric, male and Protestant. In this landmark show–number 30 on The Preacher’s Forum podcast–I’m excited … Read More »

Show 29: British Accents (Mike Nimz) “Live Simply, That Others May Simply Live” (Part 2)

30 Jun

In the second half of my conversation with Mike Nimz of the Anabaptist Network UK, recorded recently in Birmingham, England. Mike shares his difficult experience as the pastor of a Mennonite church in Canada. If you’re a pastor or church … Read More »

Preaching in Britain Today: Believing or Belonging? (Part 4)

27 Jun

Introduction In this final article in this series, “Preaching in Britain: Believing or Belonging?” I take up the model of indirect communication proposed by preacher Fred B. Craddock in his thought-provoking and challenging book, Overhearing the Gospel. Instead of relying … Read More »

Preaching in Britain Today: Believing or Belonging? (Part 3)

23 Jun

Introduction To become truly missional and incarnational, church leaders and pastors should perhaps begin to think about moving away from what is termed an “attractional model” of church growth. This model embraces this fundamental idea: “if you build it, they … Read More »

Show 26: British Accents (Dr Ash Barker) “Incarnational Living in the Neighbourhood” (Part 1)

9 Jun

This episode is Part 1 of an amazing conversation I had in Birmingham, England, with Dr Ash Barker. He is an “immersed urban Christian activist”, originally born in Australia, now living in Birmingham. Prior to moving to the UK, he … Read More »

Show 9: Why are so many Christians Leaving the Church?

22 Feb

In this podcast, I take a look at a potentially disturbing trend (at least to mainstream, organized churches, that is): Christians are leaving the church in droves, according to new statistics. Interestingly, however, they claim that they are not necessarily giving … Read More »

Show 7: Rock n’ Roll Soul: Reflections on Christianity, Ministry, and Theology (Part 4)

6 Feb

In this latest installment of this podcast series entitled “Rock n’ Roll Soul” (Part 4), I continue my story of my experiences during my time in full-time ministry, many years ago, when I was working as an elder at a … Read More »

Show 4: Rock n’ Roll Soul: Reflections on Christianity, Ministry, and Theology (Part 2)

30 Jan

Here is the next installment of my “Rock n’ Roll Soul” podcast series, part 2. This set of podcasts is my chance to share with you a bit more about me, and about how my life and ministry have evolved … Read More »