Leaving the Church…to Find God?!

28 Aug

Introduction What is the purpose of the church, anyway? It’s got to be more than just a social club; more than simply a place for Christian singles to find eligible marriageable partners; or just a place to connect with others … Read More »

Ezekiel 15: A Rhetorical-Critical Biblical Study

26 Jan

For anyone attempting to study the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, this is a very difficult endeavor indeed. In this study, I’ve made use of the disciplines of narratology and rhetorical criticism of a fairly short chapter in the book … Read More »

Ezekiel Chapter 15: A Narrative Sermon and Critical Evaluation

26 Jan

This paper is an example of how to construct a narrative sermon based on a prophetic text, that of Ezekiel 15. It begins by exploring the hoped-for outcomes of the sermon, then proceeds to give the narrative sermon as a … Read More »

Exploring the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel

26 Jan

If you’ve ever tried to study the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, then you know that this is a very difficult-to-understand, and much-misunderstood prophetic book. In order to help you begin to unpack what’s actually going on in the book … Read More »