Measuring the Metrics for Success

3 Nov

Introduction How do you measure success? Leadership guru John Maxwell has a great quote in this regard. He stated, “Many people spend their lives climbing the ladder, only to reach the top and realize that the ladder is leaning against … Read More »

41: Preaching with a Bias (with Gary Hayes) Part 1

22 Sep

What effect does listening to years of sermons have on a person’s psyche, behavior, and mental health? In this episode of the newly-named “MindShift” podcast (formerly “The Preacher’s Forum podcast”), Gary Hayes and I tackle the subject of preaching, and … Read More »

All-Church Meeting: Decision Time!

2 Jun

Meeting Minutes I’d like to say a hearty “thank you,” to all of you, once again, for giving up a Thursday evening for this church family meeting. We understand that all of us are extremely busy with a lot of … Read More »

Time to Move on, Pastor John

24 May

Church Meeting Minutes Thank you all for coming along to our latest church family meeting. We know it’s been all too long since our last meeting, and we sincerely apologize for that, but as many of you know we’ve been … Read More »

Pastor John, Can I Help?

22 May

Dan, one of the elders at the local church, sat at a Starbucks coffee shop enjoying his afternoon cappuccino. Chuck, a relative newcomer to the church, entered the Starbucks, saw Dan sitting there, and decided to initiate a spur-of-the-moment conversation. … Read More »

Show 16: Rock n’ Roll Soul–Bonus Track!

31 Mar

After doing what we thought was the final episode of my Rock n’ Roll Soul series of podcasts, my wife and I discovered that one more session was needed. In this show, we discuss our journey in moving to the … Read More »

Show 14: Rock n’ Roll Soul: Reflections on Christianity, Ministry, and Theology (Part 9)

21 Mar

If you’ve been listening to my series of podcasts I’m calling “Rock n’ Roll Soul,” then you’ll be up to speed with what I’m doing. Essentially, it’s my opportunity to share my story with you, and tell about a lot … Read More »

Show 13: Rock n’ Roll Soul: Reflections on Christianity, Ministry, and Theology (Part 8)

17 Mar

Part 8 of my “Rock n’ Roll Soul” podcast series is my story of when I hit rock bottom in church ministry. In my discouragement and frustration, I begin to see a way out, but would I be able to … Read More »

Show 11: Rock n’ Roll Soul: Reflections on Ministry, Christianity, and Theology (Part 7)

13 Mar

In this next episode of my “Rock n’ Roll Soul” series, I reach the lowest ebb during my time in ministry…how am I going to make it moving forward? Those of you who have been in church ministry will totally … Read More »