All-Church Meeting: Decision Time!

2 Jun

Meeting Minutes I’d like to say a hearty “thank you,” to all of you, once again, for giving up a Thursday evening for this church family meeting. We understand that all of us are extremely busy with a lot of … Read More »

Show 24: British Accents (Ryan Warren) “Seeing Beyond the Veil of Humanity” (Part 1)

26 May

How do you understand your own identity? Is it from your accomplishments in life, and the the skills and abilities you have? And where do you gain a sense of value? Is that found in what you do–or who you … Read More »

Show 20: British Accents (Keith Rycroft) “Non-Theistic Quaker” Part 1

28 Apr

What in the world is a “non-theistic Quaker”? What happens when you begin “to run out of road” on the path you’re on in life? I’ll let my friend, Keith Rycroft, begin to explain in this first half of my … Read More »

Show 18: British Accents (Jamie Edwards) “The Homeless are My Church” Part 1

14 Apr

I’m excited to bring you this first edition of a brand-new series of podcasts I’m launching called “British Accents.” It’s my chance, as an American living in the UK for nearly 12 years, to interview and converse with British men … Read More »

Show 4: Rock n’ Roll Soul: Reflections on Christianity, Ministry, and Theology (Part 2)

30 Jan

Here is the next installment of my “Rock n’ Roll Soul” podcast series, part 2. This set of podcasts is my chance to share with you a bit more about me, and about how my life and ministry have evolved … Read More »