What Happens After People Leave the Church?

2 Jan

Introduction Have you left the church behind? Are you a “post-Christian,” whatever that may mean? According to a 2016 Pew Research poll of 35,000 American adults, statistics indicate that the population of self-identified “Christians” has dropped significantly. The last time … Read More »

Show 38: MindShift: Leaving the Church…to Find God (with Gary Hayes) Part 1

1 Sep

Why would anyone even contemplate the idea of leaving the church in order to find God? Surely the church is where one goes to…find God, right?  But the truth is that for many, God can easily get lost in the … Read More »

Show 9: Why are so many Christians Leaving the Church?

22 Feb

In this podcast, I take a look at a potentially disturbing trend (at least to mainstream, organized churches, that is): Christians are leaving the church in droves, according to new statistics. Interestingly, however, they claim that they are not necessarily giving … Read More »