The Missional Church

This section, “The Missional Church,” contains a wide variety of resources aimed primarily at those involved in church leadership, regardless of level or capacity. Critical reflection on the status of the church, and the direction it needs to go into the future, is one of the most important tasks in which leaders need to engage.

At the same time, if you’re a student preparing for ministry and leadership, then this applies to you also. For anyone else who doesn’t fit those descriptions–read on anyway!

Personally, I am very interested in the topic of “the church,” and particularly what it means to be missional in this increasingly postmodern and globalized world in which we live today. Leadership is the most critical element in that missional engagement.

Thus, since the church is increasingly being pushed to the margins (certainly of Western society), should this pose a challenge from which we should run in fear? Or, as theologian Walter Brueggemann understands it, this situation, in many ways, is probably the best thing to happen to the church in the West for centuries. The church, he believes, is in “exile” today, like the status of the ancient Israelites in the land of Babylon. Thus we are in a unique situation for sure…

What you’ll find in this section are posts that explore a wide variety of topics: thoughts on the current status of the church, engaging in theological reflection, and the future of the church.